A few of my favorite things (for staying organized & productive).

The new year is upon us, which means a lot of y'all are making lists of resolutions and goals. Many of us resolve to finally get organized and productive, and that's what this one's all about.I'm an Apple girl. I've had an iPhone for a few years, an iPad since the summer, and I've never had a non-Mac computer. So that's my bias, but most (if not all) of these will work on other platforms too.

Evernote. A note-taking application that works on almost every computer, smartphone and mobile device out there. When you install it, you create an account, so you can sync across multiple devices. There are both free and paid versions. (So far, I haven't needed to upgrade from free.)

Dropbox. Easy-peasy data storage and file transfer. You can also have shared folders that can be accessed by you as well as other people. If you sign up using this link, we'll both get extra free space.

Freshbooks (affiliate link). An unfortunate number of freelancers do their invoices in Microsoft Word. Quickbooks is good for those who need it, but we don't all need the bells and whistles and inventory and whatnot. Freshbooks is clean, simple, web-based invoicing and expense tracking. You can use it for free (forever!) for up to 3 clients; the next level up is $19.99/month for up to 25 clients, and there are 2 options above that. It has made invoicing so freaking easy for me, and my accountant loves the reports it generates.

Teux Deux. I've probably tried every to-do list out there, and this is the one I love. I always think I'm going to like categories and priorities and all that, but when I use overly-complicated systems I always headed back to pen & paper, until I discovered Teux Deux. The web browser version is beautiful, both on a computer and on an iPad. There's an iPhone app too. You can see the whole week at a time, and there's a separate section for "Someday" — the tasks you need to do eventually.

Do you have any favorites? Tell me in the comments!