Feeling stuck in Facebook?

Facebook is a great tool, but some of us who use it will have to quit. Maybe it's become a time-suck and you're neglecting other things, or maybe you've taken a job with a company that forbids you to use it (not common, but it does happen).But what about all of the school friends with whom you've reconnected — how will you stay in touch? What about the photos you posted from the old iPhone you never backed up?

Facebook has a not-obvious feature that allows you to download your data. Here's how you do it.

  • When you're logged in, click the pull-down arrow at the top right and go to Account Settings
  • You'll see a section in the middle labeled General Account Settings
  • Below that, you'll see a link: Download a copy of your Facebook data

The archive will include:

  • Photos and videos you've shared on Facebook
  • Your wall posts, messages & chat conversations
  • The names of your friends and some of their email addresses (email addresses are included if they've chosen to share that on Facebook)

Easy peasy.