4 things I started using this year

By Alexandra Golaszewska

1. You know how scheduling a meeting can take forever? All that back-and-forth to find a time? This year I discovered Schedule Once.

It hooks up with my Google calendar to show my availability, and to put things on my calendar once they’ve been scheduled. Within Schedule Once, I can set some rules — meetings can only be scheduled during certain hours, I need at least a day’s notice, etc.

When someone asks for a meeting or call with me, I send my link. The person then suggests several times. I can accept one, or I have the option to ask for for something else. 

2. SpiderOak is automatic backup software that runs in the background, and is rated very well when it comes to privacy. Even Edward Snowden recommends it. This saved me a couple of months ago when a botched system software installation forced me to reformat my entire hard drive. 

3. Morris Levin of Elysian Fields told me about Dashlane. You set up an account, and you can share logins to websites without sharing the actual password. It makes housekeeping a lot easier — you don’t have 20 usernames and passwords floating around in email — and it also allows you to give someone temporary access, which you can easily revoke.

4. I’ve been using Evernote for years to organize notes by topic, but I just realized how fantastic it is for helping me to get rid of paper documents. If you have a stack of paper and an iPhone, you can hold the phone as you flip through the stack of paper. It will capture an image for each page, and you can save it all in one document with a name that will make it easy for you to find later. 

How to un-send a Gmail message you regret

By Alexandra Golaszewska

Everyone has done this: you hit Send on an email and immediately wish you hadn't. Google has a fix for that. Undo Send has been available via Google Labs for a while, but now it's part of every user's Gmail options. Here's how to set it up:

  • In your main Mail window, go to the gear on the upper right.
  • Click it and go down to Settings.
  • Scroll down and click Enable Undo Send.
  • Set your cancellation period; you can have up to 30 seconds.